Jay Amm's Fruit Stores

"where quality takes precedence"

Jay Amm's Fruitful JourneyJay Amm's Fruitful Journey

Jay Amm's Fruit Stores with the blessings of His Holiness, Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb (TUS) started on a small scale initially in the year 1984 . Now it has its network spread all over Chennai with the products being made available at all exclusive and reputed super-markets, departmental stores, hotel industries, ice-cream makers, fast food centers and to the catering sector.

Jay Amm's is continuously rising on the growth chart and has been setting very high quality standards in the fruit-based goodie manufacturing industry. Our strict emphasis on quality, combined with the latest technology, offer our customers a competitive edge. High-standards in quality has been and is, the valuable asset of our products.

Jay Amm's is a well-known name in the production of Jelly and Delight (Ready To Serve). We are the sole distributors of high quality Malaís and Manama fruit products in Tamilnadu, India. We are also the distributors of Chemcentís Flavours and Ratnagiriís Mango-based products.

The Road ahead..The Road ahead..

Jay Amm's aims to be known all over Tamilnadu and provide variants in the thirst-quenching drinks with wide range of flavours in Delight. We wish to top the chart in the suppliers & distributors list.

We also look forward to continue implemeting our policies of giving personal attention to all our customers, supply fresh stocks and above all, giving our customers a "Fruitful Experience, Bottled with Love"

Fruitful Experience, Bottled with Love