Jay Amm's Fruit Stores

"where quality takes precedence"

Our Products, Our TreasureOur Products, Our Treasure

Jay Amm's Fruit Stores offers a wide range of fruit based products.
We are a well-known name in the production of Jelly and Instant
(Ready To Serve). We are the sole distributors of high quality Mala's and Manama fruit products in Tamilnadu, India. We are also the distributors of Chemcent's Flavours and Ratnagiri's Mango-based products.

The most challenging aspect of any business is building trust among their customers and clients. The quality of our products have helped us achieved that since 1984.

Cheaply available products, with artificial ingredients affect the fruit based goodie industry. Jay Amm's Fruit Stores does free sampling of its products among the consumers and explains the difference between our products and the others. The products we are associated with have high fruit content and less preservatives & artificial ingredients.

The consumer voice survey reiterates the fact that, "quality always takes precedence".


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At Jay Amm's, Quality always takes Precedence