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Fruit Value & Nutritional FactsPineapple

Pineapples have exceptional juiciness and a vibrant tropical flavor that balances the tastes of sweet and tart. Fresh pineapple is rich in bromelain, a group of sulfur-containing proteolytic (protein-digesting) enzymes that not only aid digestion, but can effectively reduce inflammation and swelling, and has even been used experimentally as an anti-cancer agent.

In clinical human trials, bromelain has demonstrated signifcant anti-inflammatory effects, reducing swelling in inflammatory conditions such as acute sinusitis, sore throat, arthritis and gout, and speeding recovery from injuries and surgery.

The pineapple pulp literally explodes natural sweetness when chewed. This has made the fruit an item of popularity. Other than eating fresh, pineapple juice is a favorite drink for gourmets. Apart from that the pineapple is used widely to prepare jams, jellies, salads, ice cream, cakes and pies.

Add some fresh pineapple to your diet and give your body a boost in health and healing. That’s the wonder of pineapple, a nutritionally packed significant tropical fruit.


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