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Manama SyrupsManama Syrups

Thirst quenchers for summer. It is ideal for use in milk shakes, ice creams, kulfis, ice lollies, faloodas, lassis, fruit salads, pastries and a variety of dessert preparations, etc. Manama syrups contain 35-45% of fruit juice, thereby reducing the use of synthetic colours and flavours.

Make refreshing mocktails, cocktails, sorbets, slushes and fruit drinks with chilled soda or water.


Kesar (Saffron) 700ml, 1ltr Pet Bottles
Rose 700ml, 1ltr Pet Bottles
Khus 700ml, 1ltr Pet Bottles
(Apple & Honey)
700ml, 1ltr Pet Bottles


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Manama Syrups