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Manama Chocolate ToppingsManama Chocolate Toppings

Manama chocolate toppings contain 35-45% of fruit juice, thereby reducing the use of synthetic colours and flavours. The different types of dessert toppings have proved to be a great hit with our clients. The first in the Indian Market to introduce a product specially made for milk and milk based products.

Ideal for making milk shakes, ice creams, frozen desserts, yoghurts and as a topping for fruit salads, pastries and puddings.

Chocolate Topping (Syrup) :

A liquid form of chocolate with easy pourable properties. Dissolves easily in milk, giving it added body and form. With almost 8% pure cocoa powder and natural flavours to enhance the taste it does not leave you wanting. This topping is also suitable to be used for baking cakes and pastries etc. Our chocolate toppings are also available with the combination of mint and walnuts.

Irish Coffee (Syrup) :

The combination of cocoa and coffee has always resulted in products very rich in flavour and taste. So when you reach out for that soothing nightcap, mix irish coffee syrup to a chilled glass of milk, you are bound to sleep better.


Chocolate 500ml, 1ltr Pet Bottles
Irish Coffee 500ml Pet Bottle
Butter Scotch 500ml Pet Bottle
Toffee 500ml Pet Bottle
Chocolate & Walnut 500ml Pet Bottle


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Manama Chocolate Toppings