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Situated high up in the clean and unpolluted environment of the Shayadri Hills, Manama was founded in December, 1994 with the intention of providing the consumer with affordable high quality food products.

Jay Amm's Fruit Stores are the sole distributor of manama products in Tamilnadu, India.

Their range of products consists of cordials (a first for the Indian market), syrups, fruit and chocolate dessert toppings (also a first). Apart from the usual flavours like orange, pineapple, mango, strawberry, Manama also introduced some unusual flavours like black currant, ginger & lime, peach & apricot, figs & honey, kiwi, etc. It is this unusual approach which has made Manama products popular in most of the major Cities in India.

Their most notable introduction would have to be chocolate syrup and butter scotch syrup. These products changed the way the Indian consumer looked at chocolate syrup as a luxury, famed by the Hershey name. Later came different varieties of chocolate syrups. Chocolate mint, chocolate walnut, etc. Manama also introduced irish coffee syrup. A rich mixture of cocoa and coffee. It proved to be a runaway hit.

In 2002, manama introduced Iced Teas. A concentrated liquid form of sugar syrup and tea extract. This concentration preserves the delicate tea flavour. Available in peach, lime, apple and black currant flavours.

In 2003, manama introduced 13 different varieties of fruit twist. An entire new concept which combines crushes, syrups, cordials, squashes and fruit drinks in one unique product. A new trend for Indian markets to follow.

Manama have now introduced everyones favourite jams in 6 delicious flavours. Uniquely packed in a 500g Pet Bottle.

The usage of fruit pulp and juice in most of their products greatly reduces the need for artificial flavouring and colouring. Hence, it is also less harmful. So when you drink Manama products - "You drink to your health!"


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With Manama, You drink to your Health