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Nestled amidst the lush evergreen forests of Panchgani near Mahabaleshwar, in nature’s very own basket is India’s priceless range of fruit-based goodie manufacturer - Mala's. With an adroit experience of 50 years, Mala’s has been continually providing India with unrivalled fruit-based products.

Mala's offers a wide range of products. Apart from their 10 scrumptious jams, they also produce the fruit crush - a versatile product. Gone are the days of tedious peeling and cutting of fruits to extract their pulp. With the ready to eat fruit crushes, you can enhance your desserts by serving them as toppings or your milk by giving you instant milkshakes. They can also simply be combined with water to provide you with refreshing summer coolers. Mala's also manufacture Agmark graded pure honey.

At Mala's, the jams and crushes are made from the finest hand-picked fruits from the highly maintained orchards of India ensuring superior quality. They still follow the age old home-made recipe to make their jams. What makes savouring their products an incredibly rich tasting affair, is the perfect blend of fruit, sugar, spices and the amount of love that they pour into making them. Mala's products leave you with a clean after-taste, brimming with the goodness of fruits. The state of art machinery, quality control, R&D ensured labs and their quality food technologists guarantee qualitatively, the right kind of products to the consumers.


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Mala's Products