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Chemcent Flavours & Fragrances (India) Pvt. Ltd. are one of India's leading manufacturing company of food flavours, fragrances & N.E. oils. Since more than 30 years their products have become an indispensable ingredient to several industries like dairy, ice-cream, bakery, cakes, pharmaceuticals, beverages, cosmetics, toilet soap, incense (agarbati), detergent and aerosol.

Jay Amm's Fruit Stores are the official distributors of Chemcent's Flavours.


BEVERAGES (Soft Drinks, Sorbet, etc.)
Kala Khatta Exe. Almond Exe. Pineapple Sweet
Kesar Exe. Amla Fla. Pineapple Singapore
Kesar Elaichi Exe. Aniseed Exe. Pista D.D.
Kesar Malai Anjir Extra Grapes
Kewda Super Apple Exe. Rajbhog Ext. (x)
Khus Exe. American Ice-Soda Real Kesar Pista
Lemon Exe. Black Berry Exe. Rim Zim Flv.
lemon Ext. Black Current Exe. Rose White
Lime-Lemon B.P.K. Super Rum
Lichee Butter-Scotch Ext. Spearmint Green
Mango Alphanso
Cardamom I.C. Shahi Gulab
Mango Ripe-94 Cashewnut STD Saffron V.D.L.
Mix Fruit (STD) Chocolate SPL Strawberry STD.
Masala Soda 1114 Chocolate Exe. Tutty-Fruity -94
Orange No.1 Cola Exe. Tulsi
Jira Exe. Custard Apple Vanilla Cremy
Ginger Ext. Dates Vanilla No.1
Guava Falsa Wallnut
Wood-Apple Ext. American Ice Soda  


Mix Fruit 94 Almond-94 Mix Fruit Bakes (O/S)
Black Current-94 Orange 94 (O/S) Butter-Scotch 94
Pineapple 94 Cardamom 94 Pineapple Bakes (O/S)
Cashewnut 94 Pista 94 Chocolate Bakes (O/S)
Pista Bakes (O/S) Coconut 94 Raspberry 94
Lemon 94 (O/S) Raspberry Bakes (O/S) Mango Ripe 94 /
Mango Ripe B.T.
Rose Bakes (O/S) Mava 94 Rose 94
Milk-94 Strawberry Bakes (O/S) Vanilla Bakes (O/S)
Tutty-Fruity 94 Vanilla 94  


Fuava Ajowan Excellent Rabdi
Honey Exe. Almond Excellent Rajbhog
Kesar B.T. Aniseed Excellent Raspberry Ext.
Kesar Exe. Anjir Extra Real-Kesar Pista
Kesar Extra Apple Excellent Rose White
Kesar Elaichi Exe. Apricot Excellent Shahi - Gulab
Kesar- Malai American Ice-soda STD. Saffron V.D.L.
Khus Exe. Banana Extra Saffron-Extract Exe.
Lichee Black-Current Exe. Strawberry STD
Mango Alph. Sweet Black -Berry Exe. Strawberry SPL
Mango Alph. Ext. B.P.K. Super Sweet Lime
Mango Ripe-94 Basundi C.F. Thandai PMM
Mava-94 Butter Scotch Extra Tutti-Fruity 94
Milk-Masala Exe. Capcicum Exe. Vanilla No.1
Mix Fruit STD. Caramel Exe. Vanilla Cremy
Orange Cremy Cardamom Exe. Vanilla Ext.
Orange No.1 W.S. Cardamom I.C. Wallnut
Pan Masala SPL Cashewnut STD. Dates
Peach Exe. Cherry Exe. Falsa
Pear Exe. Chocolate Exe Grapes Super
Pineapple Singapore Chocolate Spl Ginger Ext.
Pineapple Sweet Creamy Milk Toffee Exe. Pista-Almond Ext.
Pista-Elaichi Custurd-Apple Pomgrante
Pista D.D. Clove Exe. Cinamon Sweet


Spearmint Green Ajowan Extra Liq. Celery-Seed
Vanilla Ext. Almond Ext. Liq. Garlic
Liq. Ajowan Cardmom Ext. Liq. Ginger
Liq. Aniseed Clove Super Liq. Green Ginger
Liq. Anethi Cough-Mix Ext. Liq. Lime
Liq. Black-Pepper Ginger Ext. Liq. Lemon
Liq. Capcicum Kesar Ext. Liq. Mace
Liq. Cardamon Mango Alphanso Ext. Liq. Nutmeg
Liq. Cinnamom Orange No.1 Liq. Orange
Liq. Clove Pineapple Ext. Liq. Red Chilies
Liq. Coriander Raspberry Ext. Liq. Spearment (Fudina)
Liq. Cumin Rose STD Strawberry Std.
Saffron Ext. Rose FRW Bitter Taste Mask


Pineapple Cardamom Orange
Chocolate Spearmint Coconut
Vanilla Super    


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