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Jay Amm's Fruit Stores offers a wide range of fruit based products.
We are a well-known name in the production of Fruit Flavored Drink, Home-made Jellys & Jelly Sweets.

Delight Fruit Flavored Drink

Delight Fruit Flavored Drink Jay Amm's own product Delight Fuit Flavored Drinks come in 4 wonderful flavors: Fruit Twist(Blue Curacao), Mango, Lemon & Black Currant.

Our customers love it and we have got great feedback from them. These are perfect for partys & all small and big functions.

Delight Home-made Jellys

Delight Fruit Flavored Drink Delight Home-made Jellys are offered in 2 mouth-watering flavors: Strawberry Jellys & Butter Scotch Jellys.

These are great for toppings in pudding and your dessert. Some of our customers just love to have them as it is :)

Delight Jelly Sweets

Delight Fruit Flavored Drink Delight Jelly Sweets come in wonderful sweet & tangy flavors.

Delight Jelly Sweets are great for gifts and welcoming your guests. Your guests are sure to go happy.



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Delight Products