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Jay Amm's Fruit Stores are the producers and distributors of fruit-based goodies. Our products are being made available to consumers, super-markets, departmental stores, hotel industries, ice-cream makers, fast food centers and to the catering sector. The belief in ourselves and determination to excel is creating the confidence in our business partners across all levels of service. Come let us acquaint ourselves with this wonderful, fruitful journey.


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Fruit Value & Nutritional FactsFruit Value & Nutritional Facts

Fruits make us feel better. 80% of our body is water, so does 80% of fruit consist of water! If you think about it, it's logical for the human body to consume food that contains as much water as the body itself. The nutrition that meets that requirement is fruit. There is no other food than fruit on this planet that contains on average 80% water.

Jay Amm's Fruit Stores brings you the value & facts for those fruits that give the maximum benefits and taste - and it is these fruits that are used in most of our products.


fruit value & nutritional factsfruit value & nutritional facts

Mala's Ranked No.1 Jam in IndiaMala's Ranked No.1 Jam in India

november, 2006


In a survey done by Consumer Voice when compared with other 12 leading Jam brands, Mala's was Ranked No.1 Jam, in India.


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